Imagine if a toxic employee actually left your organisation…then what would happen? Well there would usually be a period of time where everyone that has suffered is effectively breathing a huge sigh of relief!

After this collective sigh of relief the organisation typically returns to business as normal, focussing back to the clients and the products and services. Very little attention is given over to reflecting on what actually happened to encourage the toxic behaviour to spread in the first place and taking action to effectively change the organisation so that it never occurs again.

Nature loves a vacuum…if there’s a gap the next toxic employee will happily step in and business as usual becomes business as usual with the same old behaviour starting over, this time however, it will be slightly different…not as easy to spot until its too late!

The effort required to remove just one toxic personality from your organisation is immense and this is just the start.  Once you have successfully removed the source of the toxicity the organisation must remain 100% focused on building the culture of respectful engagement and appreciation.  Employing the practices and attitudes of the Proactive Space is the key to long term success.

What you achieve Working from the Proactive Space