The basis of the Drama Triangle is Power and Control and Fear is the key to the manipulation that is used to gain power and control.

If you find yourself working with a colleague that displays some of the traits described previously in What is a Toxic Personality? and you wish to be free of the stress that comes with this kind of working relationship, its is not easy.  Firstly, you will have to acknowledge to yourself that if you are in this relationship, you have contributed to what you are now experiencing…that’s the tough part! A toxic personality requires a playmate, someone with whom they can play their games.  Acknowledging that you have created what you are now experiencing is the first step towards Working from the Proactive Space.

Freeing yourself or your team or your organisation from a toxic personality can be done and the way to do it is to Work from the Proactive Space.  If the basis of the Drama Triangle is Power, Control and Fear, then be willing to take action to neutralise the impact of these by creating a culture of respect, appreciation and openness within your 1:1 relationships, your team and your organisation.

Toxic behaviour only exists if the right conditions exist.

Dealing effectively with just one toxic employee is a whole organisation effort. The individuals that find themselves playing out their scripted roles on the Drama Triangle with the toxic colleague need the support of the organisation behind them. The team leader of the team with the toxic team member needs the support of the whole organisation.

By the whole organisation reclaiming the power and asserting what is acceptable and what is unacceptable, toxic employees get the message and either choose to change their ways or change their employment!

Working from the Proactive Space is a whole system programme of development that encompasses organisational culture (values and dynamics), team dynamics & effectiveness and individual personal effectiveness.

By creating the climate where working from the proactive space is the norm all traces of toxic behaviour can be driven out and an early warning system is established that recognises the first instance of toxic behaviour and acts to overwhelm it.

Strategies to Break Free from a Toxic Personality