toxic-personalities-to-avoid-3-728Have you ever experienced working with a colleague that at best left you wondering why they bother coming to work and at worst left you wanting to strangle them! Be honest!

They’re so negative and it feels like they infect everyone around them with their negativity. It can feel poisonous, can’t it? Being at work feels like walking on egg shells and this colleague can instantly turn a happy and positive environment into a fearful and toxic place just by showing up.

Are you thinking about the following? Bullying? Victim? Harrassment? Control Freak? Multiple Grievance? Serial Complainer?

If you have experienced someone like this you have been interacting with a toxic personality. This personality shows up in many guises and is not immediately noticeable, if this personality could be spotted at interview they would rarely get a job!

At Seek First Ltd our ‘Working from the Proactive Space’ programmes have been developed to address this very issue. After many years of experience working to resolve conflicts caused by a toxic personality I decided to package together what works best in these situations. ‘Working from the Proactive Space’ is a package of solutions aimed at Individuals, Teams and Organisations. Working just with the Individual is rarely enough, what works best are bigger systemic interventions that enable an organisation to free itself of the toxic personality.