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You accept response-abilty when working from the Proactive Space…there is no space for blame here!

What does it mean to be working from the Proactive Space?

Be Proactive is the 1st Habit from Stephen R. Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, so what is it to Be Proactive?

Some will say it is about being organised, being goal focused and making choices that move you towards your goals. Well…it is and it’s a whole lot more!

To Be Proactive is to accept 100% responsibility that you have created the life you are living, you alone, no one else can possibly be responsible for what is going on in your life. Your life is the result of the choices and decisions you have made. As Covey says, ‘You are the creator of you!” If you want to change what you are, who you are, how you are, where you are or why you are the way you are… only you know the answer. The moment you think someone else is in anyway responsible for what is going on in your life you stop being proactive and become reactive. When you become reactive you step onto the Drama Triangle. There is no wiggle room here you either accept 100% responsibility for you or you pass responsibility onto others.

To support you working from the Proactive Space a number of attitudes and practices are important. These attitudes and practices both support and challenge you to maintain a proactive approach to your life. To understand more about the attitudes and practices of the Proactive Space click on the link below to download a brief summary.
Working from the Proactive Space