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When you work from the Proactive Space you can achieve everything you wish for

The attitudes and behaviours required for working from the Proactive Space apply to all employees across your organisation.

The absence of any of these attitudes or behaviours acts as an early warning sign that your workplace is becoming toxic (see Toxic Personality). Maintaining the Proactive Space is the ultimate role of leadership.

When the leadership within an organisation is maintaining the proactive space and developing the respectful and appreciative engagement culture that is the by-product of this space those employees that resorted to blaming and finger pointing move to become a Challenger that sets clear structures to drive performance.

Those employees that spent their time and energy going out of their way to ensure everyone else was OK and at the same time had problems delivering upon their own accountabilities move to become excellent coaches providing clear and appropriate levels of support.

Those employees that felt helpless and dependent upon the organisation move to become thriving employees capable of solving their own problems and contributing as part of an Interdependent system.

Across the organisation the contribution level of all employees will increase, employee engagement and retention levels will rise and your organisation will recruit high quality employees that wish to add to your success.

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What you achieve Working from the Proactive Space