be proactive with NLP based personal development training
Will you choose to work from the Proactive Space? That’s about all there is to it…the rest is just learning to be proactive

Working from the Proactive Space requires a number of choices to be made…its all about CHOICE.

Choosing to Be Proactive is choosing to adopt a number of attitudes and behaviours that may not be your automatic choice in certain situations.  Not only is Working from The Proactive Space about adopting a set of attitudes and behaviours it is about being, doing and having all these attitudes and behaviours all the time at the same time.  At anytime you abandon any one of the attitudes and behaviours you step out of the Proactive Space and subject yourself to being Reactive.

For a description of the attitudes and behaviours of the Proactive Space please click on the link below:

How to Work from the Proactive Space Leaflet