The Proactive Space

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Choose the Proactive Space to achieve your goals

When working from within the Proactive Space you are being successful, you are being effective, you are growing and you are learning.

Four great reasons for operating from this most cherished of spaces. Above all you are realising your full human potential, you are being your authentic self.

Working from the Proactive Space is about being Purposeful, Resourceful, Open, Aware, Collaborative, Trusting, Influential, Valuing and Empowering at the same time…all of the time.

These behaviours will mark you out as a leader and it is these behaviours that will inspire those around you to model your excellence. The Proactive Space is where you are able to bring maximum influence to any situation. The Proactive Space is where you will achieve your most stretching and challenging goals. The Proactive Space is where you will grow and deepen the strongest relationships and from where you will create the bonds of trust between yourself and others.

The Proactive Space is a space where I’m OK / You’re OK is the way it is, a space of Win / Win solutions, where choice is abundant. From this space individuals, teams and organisations grow and develop. Individuals are able to experience praise and positive feedback, are accountable and take personal responsibility. Teams are high performing, they support and challenge all the team members. Organisations seek to pursue a purpose that is bigger than the organisation itself, the culture of the organisations that work from the Proactive Space result in high levels of employee engagement and attract high quality new recruits.