PinPoint Techniques

PinPoint is a world class Facilitation technique that utilises a stimulating and creative learning environment

Transforming a dysfunctional team using PinPoint Facilitation

Transform the experience of meetings and workshops with skilled facilitation

Maximise engagement and ownership through specialist facilitation techniques and materials

  • PinPoint Facilitation

  • Focuses on Key Issues

  • Breaks down Barriers

  • Each person can influence the content

  • Through ideas creative solutions emerge

  • Generates lasting commitment and total ownership of outcomes

  • Traditional Facilitation

  • Focuses on the Agenda

  • Encourages barriers through tables etc

  • A small group can dominate

  • Ideas may not be expressed, opportunities are missed.

  • The group tend to sigh with relief when the meeting is over

PinPoint Facilitation techniques stands out simply through harnessing every aspect of our brain.  We know there are different personality types, we also know there are different learning styles.  PinPoint goes further and utilises the multiple intelligences we all possess:

  • Logical
  • Visual / Spatial
  • Kinaesthetic
  • Intra-personal
  • Inter-personal
  • Linguistic
  • Naturalist
  • Rhythmical / Musical

By utilising all the above multiple intelligences within our processes each delegate feels completely engaged and respected.

Multiple intelligences

Are you ready to facilitate change?

Whatever your challenge we can bring PinPoint to facilitate your success.