Creative Facilitation

Whatever your challenge our creative PintPoint Facilitation techniques will reveal your way forward.

PinPoint Facilitation

Facilitating your success

When a group is fully engaged by a skilled facilitator they can achieve anything.  The skill is to get the group to create the magic themselves.  A skilled facilitator trusts the group to deliver and they stay out of the content, focusing instead on the process.

Oh how that meeting dragged, one person dominated the airwaves!

Is that typical of your meetings? When we facilitate a meeting its a lively, interactive event. Where did the time go!  How did we get through all that stuff?  you’ll be amazed at how productive your group be in a short space of time.

We engage Brain, Body & Beliefs.  After all, creating a learning environment is essential to make people feel comfortable and engage with learning.  That way your employees will be hungry to learn more and you will become even more successful.

When different teams or organisations come together breaking that awkward silence is always the first step!  Our creative facilitation techniques create instant fun and interaction. Collaboration is based upon trust and we get people opening up straight away.

A PinPoint Meeting

Trusted by Leading Organisations

We focus on designing a process that will deliver the outcome our clients seek.


We turn complex issues into simple processes and then generate actions to deliver the outcome


The whole group has control of the process, everyone contributes, all the time


Producing a visual record of all the outputs in real time creates ownership of the outcome.

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