About Us

Whilst we are based in Windermere in the heart of the Lake District in Cumbria the clients Seek First Ltd are nationwide.

We focus on the development of proactive high performing leaders across all sectors of the economy.  We deliver outcomes that impact across an entire organisation whether we are working with individuals, teams or organisationally.  Our bespoke 4-dimensional approach ensures our interventions creating whole system outcomes.

We are a leading activator of the C-Me Colour Behavioural Profile. We have a great track record in the field of executive coaching where we help our clients achieve senior executive positions. Below is the personalised ‘C’ of Paul McGowran, our Director.  This unique ‘C’ is based on Paul’s C-Me profile and gives a fantastic way of how to interact with Paul.  Imagine all your colleagues being able to improve their interactions just by looking at their name badges!

Paul McGowran Seek First Ltd C-Me Profile

We underpin all our work using a bespoke combination of NLP Training, C-Me Colour Profiles, Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Transactional Analysis and Coaching.  It is this blend of approaches that we have carefully crafted into our ‘Working from the Proactive Space’ model that sets us apart.

Our clients work in all sectors of the economy and we cover the whole of the UK in our work. We have many years honing an approach to collaborative working, that is not just based on ‘processes’.  Our ‘4-Dimensional’ model explores all aspects of your partnership and creates impact across your entire stakeholder group.

Another area where we get asked to intervene is with individuals or teams that are causing a dysfunctional dynamic.  Turning these dysfunctional dynamics around so that they operate within the values and behaviours of your culture is a core offering.  Our Proactive Space model is the foundation of this type of assignment.

All our NLP Training is now delivered through our sister company, Proactive NLP Ltd (www.proactivenlp.com)

For more information on products and services please contact us. We will make a difference!