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All our NLP Practitioner programmes are designed to enable our delegates to work from what we call the Proactive Space. NLP training is the key to being Proactive and thus being highly effective at whatever you choose to do in your life.  Achieving accreditation as an ANLP Certified NLP Practitioner means you are ahead of the pack in terms of being able to achieve the success you seek in life.

On this NLP Practitioner programme you will learn:

  • The foundations and guiding principles of NLP – the ‘How’ of being proactive.
  • Non-verbal communication – from where the impact of your message is felt. Transform your ability to deliver your message with the desired impact.
  • Influencing with integrity – learn how to tap into how you and the other people you work with see, hear and feel daily life so that you can enrich the experience.
  • Change – it’s so easy, isn’t it? Really, it is so easy to change that trigger that has just gone off inside. Learn how on this programme.
  • ‘The problem is nobody communicates in this place’. NLP gives you the linguistic tools to get 
to the heart of the issue and gain commitment to the solution.
  • Conflict – that’s a juicy word is it not? How about you being able to bring together the differing 
views so that Collaboration becomes the normal way of operating at work.
  • One last bit… As Henry Ford said, “If you believe you can, you’re right and if you believe you can’t, you’re right.” Rid yourself of the “I can’t” and leave the programme transformed.

Accreditation criteria for NLP Practitioner

Integrating NLP skills and concepts into your behaviour (what you do…how you act) is the evidence procedure for certification as an NLP Practitioner  .

The assessment criteria of an NLP Practitioner is based on:
Attitude (embodiment of the presuppositions of NLP)
Content Knowledge (frames, principles, techniques, distinctions)
Behavioural Skills (demonstrated integration of learning)

We know that you want to be totally confident and assured in your practice of NLP in the future. We will provide you with the following to ensure this is the case:

  • Telephone and email support pre & post programme;
  • Comprehensive reading list and resources available;
  • Ongoing assessment from the second we say ‘hello’;
  • Completion of an NLP Practitioner Written Integration paper, ideally prior to the start of the group sessions.

Dates & Pricing for NLP Practitioner Training

Module 1: Mar 18th – Mar 21st 2019, Module 2: Apr 15th – Apr 18th 2019, Module 3: May 13th – May 16th 2019, Module 4: Jun 10th – Jun 13th 2019

Price = £2500 plus VAT


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