NLP Diploma



This NLP Diploma accredited by the ANLP is a comprehensive introduction to the core attitudes and skills of NLP.  Whether your interest is: business, therapy, sports, coaching or personal, this NLP training will give you the skills to transform your relationships and help you set the goals that will lead to you getting all you want in life.

What you will learn on this NLP Diploma:

Our NLP Diploma training is focused on ensuring that your specific outcome is achievable.  We believe NLP is all about people working from the Proactive Space – so we will teach the principles of being proactive.  We will cover the following:

  • The history of NLP and the 4 pillars of success
  • The NLP Communication Model – How to get the response you wish for
  • Outcomes and Goals – the road map to the Proactive Space
  • Rapport: the key to proactive relationships
  • The basics of influencing others in an ethical manner
  • Managing your emotions and your state.

Your trainer will be ANLP Accredited Trainer of NLP, Paul McGowran.  Paul is the director of Seek First Ltd.  He will use NLP throughout the programme so you will be seeing, hearing and feeling NLP in action.  Paul will ensure your Olfactory and Gustatory senses are catered for also!



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