Insights Discovery Leadership Effectiveness Workshop Journal


The Discovering Leadership Effectiveness programme helps leaders find their balance and make an impact by understanding their strengths and areas for development. And when leaders are balanced, their people are more motivated, engaged, inspired and productive.

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At the heart of the Insights Discovery Leadership Effectiveness programme is the belief that great leaders inspire. They motivate not only the people they manage, but also their peers, their own leaders and the entire organisation.

Insights Discovery Leadership EffectivenessGood leadership is about mastering more than a set of management skills. Leaders should create a compelling vision, produce results, and maximise the effectiveness of their team through shared goals and values.

Discovering Leadership Effectiveness helps people become the best leaders they can be.

Building on our foundation model, Insights Discovery, we work with leaders to explore their personal leadership style and unique value. Through a series of workshops and/or coaching sessions, leaders learn how their individual style and preferences manifest themselves in their leadership. This enables the leader to examine their effectiveness in each of these areas.

Find out more by downloading the factsheet on Leadership Effectiveness or contact us to start a conversation to see how Insights Discovery Leadership Effectiveness can benefit your organisation:

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