Business NLP Practitioner Programme – Essential Competencies for building Collaborative Relationships


10 day ANLP Accredited Business NLP Practitioner



Business NLP Practitioner TrainingThis 10 day Business NLP Practitioner modular programme builds self-awareness, resilience, collaborative behaviour and the capacity to influence others.  With the obstacles of fear of failure and avoidance of conflict removed we build the foundations of high performing teams.  An outcome focus and the ability to facilitate groups means our Business NLP practitioners return to work ready to lead well functioning high performing teams.

When it comes to applying NLP Training to the corporate world it helps if there is a solid objective to work towards.  It is often said, employees are the most important asset of an organisation.  We would go further and say the relationships between those employees are the greatest asset an organisation has!  This is our objective.

Our Business NLP Practitioner programmes focus on creating collaborative relationships.  Collaborative relationships both between employees in teams and also between organisations, resulting in greater potential for success.  Working in a collaborative relationship produces greater value for everyone.

Our Business NLP Practitioner provides the subjective glue ensuring the processes of collaboration stick, creating higher performance and increased profits.

The dates for our Business NLP Programme for this year are:

Sep 24th – Sep 26th 2019
Oct 29th – Oct 31st 2019
Nov 26th – Nov 29th 2019


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