Project Description

Confused by Accountability

A team we had previously worked with using C-me Profiling to develop more effective communication and awareness came back to us. The time was now right to move to the next stage and tackle the lack of accountability within this team. The challenge was, the team, largely believed there was no accountability issue. The leadership, disagreed. We were asked to come up with a process to engage the team with their individual accountability for team results.

Client Description

Desired Outcome

  • Confusion
  • Accountability v Responsibility
  • Accountability is Blaming
  • The Team doesn’t Challenge
  • Accountability is about Results
  • Accountability & Responsibility are different
  • Zero Blame Games
  • Constructive Challenge & Feedback is vital

Our Approach

We designed a process to draw out the difference between Accountability and Responsibility. We pulled out the blockers to Accountability and then developed an action plan to embrace accountability.

The team had already benefitted from profiling and understood the language of the colour energies.  Applying this language to attitiudes towards accountability engaged the team.

Using Metaphors and story-telling such as the Wizard of Oz really brought the concept and behaviours of Accountability to life.

Using Lencioni’s 5 Dysfunctions of a Team showed that the team avoided accountability and believed they achieved a high level of results.  This was the perception gap.

Accountability Training with Seek First Ltd