What is NLP training?

NLP is the most powerful vehicle for change in existence.

When you develop yourself using NLP you learn how you do what you do.  NLP is the user guide for humans…the manual we always wished we were given and never got.  When you train in NLP, you effectively write your own user manual for you.  A bit like the Haynes Manual you can get for your car, training in NLP is essentially learning to write your own manual about how you work.  Once you have this you can change those parts of you that you think could do with upgrading.

Imagine. if you will, knowing how you perceive events the way you and knowing how you can shift your perception and reframe the meaning you give to events that occur around you.  If you can know what you do when you’re successful in one area of your life, you can map this knowledge to affect those areas where you wish you could be more successful.

NLP gives you more than tools and techniques used by successful people across all disciplines, you will benefit from being able to influence yourself and others to seek out the positive and to operate from a place of possibility.  To achieve all that you can achieve in life, no matter what your motivation, means working from the Proactive Space.  Being Proactive means knowing how you do what do…this is where NLP training comes in.

At Seek First Ltd, based in Cumbria, we offer NLP training for those that wish to develop their pure NLP skills with our NLP Practitioner and our NLP Master Practitioner programmes.  For those that just wish to satisfy a general curiosity about NLP we offer out NLP Diploma programme.

For those that wish to understand how to apply NLP to their business or organisation and how NLP can assist in change management or culture development or how NLP trained leaders achieve more influence we offer our Working from The Proactive Space programmes.  Our Practitioner Level programme for Working from the Proactive Space develops the key skills and behaviours required to be proactive.  Our Master Practitioner Level programme for Working from the Proactive Space develops the attitudes, principles and values of Purposeful Leadership.

Whether you wish to follow a business oriented approach to NLP training or whether you wish to pursue personal development using NLP we encourage you to contact us and discuss your goals with us.

Further information on our NLP training programmes is available by clicking on the links below.