Personal Development NLP Programmes

Using NLP for your personal development is the principal reason most people attend an NLP programme.  Whatever your purpose, whatever the change you wish to make you can achieve your goal with NLP Training.

Our full range of NLP Programmes cater for every level of want.  From a 1 day Introduction to the concepts of NLP through to a full 16 day Master Practitioner programme.

NLP Training for Personal Development will enrich and enhance your communication and personal effectiveness.  These two fundamental areas of development are pivotal for any personal growth to occur.  The wanting to grow as a person, and as a result achieve more, is a prime purpose that ignites a journey through the field of NLP.

What to expect on a Personal Development NLP Programme

You can’t have the fruits without the roots.

Our personal development programmes guide you on a deep exploration of the roots of your past, present and future success.  Consequently, expect a thorough and extensive transformation journey guided by your most cherished personal goals.

An Introduction to NLP and a Diploma in NLP will both give you a taster of what to expect on a Practitioner and a Master Practitioner programme.  The Practitioner programme begins to unlock and transform the beliefs and values that motivate you to be who you are.  In contrast the Master Practitioner shifts up to a higher level and creates your new purpose and mission and transforms your sense of Identity.

How do the levels of NLP Programmes differ?

Your entry point for your NLP Training journey is an important choice that can be governed by many factors.  As a result we cater for every level of want and welcome every choice to develop yourself.

With an Introduction to NLP you will given an Insight into the background and underlying principles of NLP – the ‘Mindset for Success’.  This is a one day workshop and is perfect if you are beginning to get curious about how you could transform yourself.

Download the factsheet on the Introduction to NLP and find out more.  Alternatively, click here to purchase a place on our next Introduction to NLP workshop.

An NLP Diploma is the recognised ‘entry level’ in the field of NLP.  A 4 day programme that acts as a springboard to the full NLP Practitioner certification.  On this programme you will practice some NLP techniques with other people and will experience some personal change. Above all else, your confidence that you can practise NLP will soar.

Download the factsheet on the Diploma in NLP and find out more.  Alternatively, click here to purchase a place on our next Diploma in NLP programme.

Certification Levels

Our NLP Practitioner programme covers the full body of knowledge required to satisify the major accreditation bodies.  This is where your journey begins in earnest. You set your own destination and we act as guides and assist you to remove the challenges you place in front of yourself. Even more than that you will help others achieve their goals also.

Download the factsheet on the NLP Pactitioner programme and find out more.  Alternatively, click here to purchase a place on our next NLP Practitioner programme.

As a Master Practitioner of NLP you are in possession of everything you need to become the very best version of you possible.  Our role is to empower you to breakthrough those most deeply held beliefs and set yourself free to be who you want to be. As a result of achieving Master Practitioner certification other people will most likely seek to understand how you have achieved your transformation.  They will become curious about your journey and will therefore want to experience a similar journey for themselves.  Finally, be prepared to act as a role model of excellence to others…you will stand out, use your NLP to create positive outcomes with others.

Download the factsheet on the Master Practitioner of NLP programme and find out more.  Alternatively, click here to purchase a place on our next Master Practitioner of NLP programme.  Certification as Practitioner of NLP by a recognised accreditation body is a mandatory requirement for entry onto this programme.

Then what happens…?

Once you’ve started your curiousity gets more intense and will become a wanton curiosity to learn more.  NLP training unlocks your potential, hence, you set yourself even more challenging goals and ambitions to achieve .  Be careful what you wish for…you will certainly get it!