Business NLP Programmes

A number of customers ask us, ‘Is a Business NLP programme, just like a personal development NLP programme but called something different?’  Perhaps at other NLP schools it most likely is!  Our Business NLP programme delegates benefit from our solid experience of applying NLP on a number of the biggest major projects undertaken in the UK in recent years.

When it comes to applying NLP to the corporate world it helps if there is a solid objective to work towards.  It is often said, employees are the most important asset of an organisation.  We would go further and say the relationships between those employees are the greatest asset an organisation has!  This is our objective.

Business NLP programmes collaborative leadership

Our Business NLP Training programmes are focused on creating collaborative relationships.  Collaborative relationships both between employees in teams and also between organisations, resulting in greater potential for success.  Working in a collaborative relationship produces greater value for everyone.

Working on a number of major infrastructure projects where a collaborative approach was a contractual pre-requisite has taught us this. Delivering a collaborative approach requires more than adhering to the requirements of ISO:44001 – Collaborative Business Relationships.

Our business NLP programmes provide the subjective glue that ensures the processes of collaboration stick, creating higher performance and even more profit.

If we accept that relationships are essential to success then the building blocks of relationships are worth focusing on.  To ignore how relationships build and develop is missing the point and ultimately, counter-productive!  Trust is vital to relationships and as a result, collaboration and furthermore, organisational success.  Viewing conflict as a positive driver of innovation builds trust within relationships resulting in greater commitment to high performance.  Our business NLP programmes develop the mindset and behaviours critical to growing a collaborative and high performance culture.  Modelling the mindset and behaviours of a collaborative culture is certainly easier if your organisational development processes capture the difference that makes a difference. Our business NLP programmes provide the criteria to measure that difference, hence, showing a healthy return on investment. You can find out more about our approach to Integral Development Programmes here.

Business NLP Diploma – The Foundations of Collaborative Behaviour & Relationships

This 4 day programme gives participants a broad understanding of the foundations of NLP and Collaborative Behaviour.  By creating the links between NLP, Proactivity and our 4-Dimensional approach to Collaboration participants will quickly grasp how to influence others. 

You can download an information sheet on this programme or purchase a place on our next Business NLP Diploma programme.

Business NLP Practitioner – Essential Competencies for building Collaborative Relationships

This 10 day modular programme builds self-awareness, resilience, empathy and the capacity to influence others.  By removing the obstacles of fear of failure and avoidance of conflict we can build the foundations of collaborative working. An outcome focus and the ability to facilitate groups means our Business NLP Practitioners return to work ready to lead well functioning high performing teams.

You can download an information sheet on this programme or purchase a place on our next Business NLP Practitioner programme.

All delegates on our Business NLP Practitioner programme receive an Insights Discovery Profile and coaching as part of the programme.

Business NLP Master Practitioner – Leading & Developing a Collaborative Culture

This 12 day modular programme takes graduates of our Business NLP Practitioner and creates high performing & collaborative leaders. The cornerstone of this programme is the choice to move from Independence to Interdependence. Choosing to be Interdependent has consequences and the main consequence is operating with integrity and accountability. There can be no ‘playing the blame game’ within Interdependent relationships. The power of this programme comes from leaving behind the dynamics that create the drama underpinning dysfunctional teams and relationships. A culture of high performing and collaboration above all else is based on healthy relationships.

You can download an information sheet on this programme or purchase a place on our next Business NLP Master Practitioner programme.  Attendance on our Business NLP Practitioner programme is a pre-requisite for this programme.

All delegates on our Business NLP Master Practitioner programme will benefit from a selection of psychometric assessments and coaching as part of the programme.