NLP Training

NLP Training NLP Training CumbriaWhen you complete your NLP Training with Seek First Ltd you will open up a world of possibility and choice.  Your training will prepare you for life in the Proactive Space and so you will naturally make choices that support the achievement of your goals.

The benefits of NLP training are too numerous to list. However, when you train with us your ability to lead collaborative relationships will be one of your major achievements.  As your influencing skills build to a level of excellence when it comes to resolving conflict you will be facilitating your colleagues to the most innovative of outcomes.  The level of your self-awareness will be enriched following the rigorous personal development you gain whilst learning with us. Your ability to empathise and understand situations from multiple perspectives will mark you out as a leader with integrity and authenticity.

Those you work with will be curious about the changes they experience in you. Be respectful and seek to understand how your colleagues now perceive you.  Following your training with us your relationships with others may well experience an ‘adjustment’.  Remember, you have made changes to how you operate and as a direct consequence your relationships will undergo a change.

By working from the Proactive Space you can facilitate others to choose to work from the Proactive Space also.

What is NLP Training?

NLP is the most powerful vehicle for change in existence.

Personal Development using NLP enables you to learn how you do what you do.  NLP is the user guide for humans…the manual we always wanted and never got.  When you choose NLP Training, you effectively write your own user manual for you.  A bit like the Haynes Manual you can get for your car, NLP Training is learning to write your own manual about how you work.  Once you have this you can change those parts of you that you think could do with upgrading.

Imagine. if you will, knowing how you perceive events the way you do and knowing how you can shift your perception and reframe the meaning you give to events that occur around you.  If you can know what you do when you’re successful in one area of your life, you can map this knowledge to affect those areas where you want to be more successful.

NLP Training gives you more than tools and techniques used by successful people across all disciplines.  You will benefit from being able to influence yourself and others to seek out the positive and to operate from a place of possibility.  To achieve all that you can achieve in life, no matter what your motivation, means working from the Proactive Space.  Being Proactive means knowing how you do what do…this is where NLP training comes in.

For those that want to apply NLP to their business or organisation and to learn how NLP can assist in change management or culture development or how NLP trained leaders achieve more influence we offer our Proactive Space suite of programmes.  Our Practitioner Level programme in the Proactive Space suite is ‘The Essential Competencies for Building Collaborative Relationships‘.  This programme develops the key mindset, skill sets, behaviours and processes required to be proactive. Our Master Practitioner Level programme in the Proactive Space suite is ‘Leading & Developing a Collaborative Culture‘.  This programme develops the Mindset, Behaviours and processes that lead to the development of a collaborative culture driven by Purposeful Leadership.


How does NLP Training Work?

Many bold statements are made about the benefits of NLP Training, some more bold than others!  At Seek First Ltd we keep our feet on the ground about the massive impact of NLP Training.  We are all different and we adapt in unique ways. Where one person may suddenly change a belief another person may take longer to make a slight change.  Over the years we have seen lots of people make changes to their lives in many different ways…there is no silver bullet when it comes to how NLP Training will change your life.  If you choose to change how you perceive yourself and choose to expect different results you will make those changes.  See NLP Training as a way of re-sorting what you do.

We start NLP Practitioner training exploring the psychology of excellence and how you communicate with yourself and the outside world.  Exploring communication in a way that no other training does gives you the opportunity to fully understand how you communicate.  Expect to achieve a whole different level of influence.

Following successful Practitioner Certification you can seek to achieve self-mastery by completing the NLP Master Practitioner training.  Building upon the core principles of practitioner we lead you through a comprehensive exploration of your purpose.  As a Master Practitioner you will transform all the limiting beliefs that have prevented you being successful.  You will transform those beliefs to facilitate the future results you want to achieve and therefore you will succeed.

NLP Training with Seek First Ltd

ANLP Accredited NLP TrainingAt Seek First Ltd, based in The Lake District in Cumbria UK, we offer NLP training for those that wish to develop their pure NLP skills with our NLP Practitioner and our NLP Master Practitioner programmes. For those that just wish to satisfy a general curiosity about NLP we offer our NLP Diploma programme.

As an ANLP accredited trainer of NLP, Paul McGowran of Seek First Ltd offers a range of NLP Training programmes all of which are accredited by the leading NLP Accreditation body in the UK, the ANLP.

NLP Coaching & Therapy Services

We also offer executive coaching, performance coaching and life coaching blending Personality Types, NLP, Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People into a powerful coaching process based on our model, The Proactve Space.  To find out more about our Coaching services click here.

For those looking for a more personalised transformation journey we can offer NLP Therapy.  We will work 1:1 with you to help you shift the obstacles that are preventing you from achieving your success.  For more information on our range of therapy services you can check out our profile here.

At Seek First Ltd we recognise that those that practice NLP are driven by their own unique purpose. Our purpose is to assist you achieve your purpose and, hence, empower you to be the best you can be.

If you are thinking about becoming an NLP Professional complete the contact form below and we will contact you promptly.  Alternatively, if you know you wish to start your NLP journey click here to find the perfect course for you.