Insights Discovery Profiles

Insights Discovery Profiles are a personal development psychometric tool that provide an amazingly accurate and engaging insight into how you operate within the world.  Using the Insights Colour Energies you embark upon a journey that develops greater self-awareness that leads to you becoming the person you want to be.

Based upon the prolific research and writing of Dr. Carl Jung and developed by the Insights Group,  Insights Discovery Profiles take his theory of Personality Types to a whole new level of accessibility by adding the dimension of colour.

Insights Discovery Profiles use the 4 insights colour energies
The insights colour energies

Four ‘Insights Colour Energies’ describe the jungian personality types in an easy to recall and non-judgmental style that can ensure a common language is developed within your organisation.  This common language based on colour becomes the basis on which the magic of Insights Discovery transforms your organisation. The four insights colour energies are cool blue, earth green, sunshine yellow and fiery red and by now most people are already identifying people they know to have a strong preference for one of these colours!

If you have a preference for Cool Blue Energy you are likely to value being correct in everything you do. People with a preference for this energy tend to enjoy being prepared and informed for what they are doing. They like to be accurate, objective, logical and methodical in thinking and decision-making.

If you have a preference for Earth Green Energy you are likely to seek harmony within any team and will tend to be diplomatic and inclusive. People with a preference for this energy tend to be great listeners and seek to involve others as much as possible in decision making.

If you have a preference for Sunshine Yellow Energy you will excel at developing new initiatives and relationships. People with this preference tend to be very expressive and imaginative and their natural warmth exudes when engaging others.

If you have a preference for Fiery Red Energy you will know for certain what you want to achieve. People with this preference tend to be purposeful and action oriented with great self-belief when it comes to decision making.

Insights Discovery Profiles

Insights Discovery profiles are the most comprehensive personality profile you will ever receive.  The foundation chapter of the Insights Discovery Profile is an in-depth exploration of you and covers:

  • personal style
  • interaction with others
  • decision making preferences
  • strengths & possible weaknesses
  • value to the team
  • communication preferences
  • blind spots
  • dealing with your opposite type
  • suggestions for development
  • insights wheel position
  • insights colour dynamics

This mandatory foundation chapter is the most widely used of the 5 available chapters.

The other four chapters explore your management style, effective selling, personal achievement and some questions you could face at a job interview.  If you buy the full 5 chapters your profile could be up to 40 pages.  Just imagine 40 pages of great insights all about you…what could you learn and choose to change about yourself?

The language is positive and supporting throughout making these profiles non-judgemental and memorable.  Our experience is that the simple, memorable insights colour energies make Insights Discovery easy to access and hence capable of transforming your results and culture in the process.

Discover how we can make immediate impact and endless opportunities for growth and development within your organisation by embedding the Insights Discovery model through a series of development programmes all connected to your individual Insights Discovery Profile.