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Why use The Insights Discovery Personal Profile?

Insights Discovery is an incredibly user friendly, accurate, positive and accessible personality profiling system that you can complete via the Insights Discovery Profiles Online Test.

Insights Discovery Profiles Online Test
Which Personality Type are you?

Using this model within your organisation will provide a common language that will make immediate impact and create endless opportunities to continually improve your culture and performance.

The most successful organisations in the world choose to use Insights Discovery as their preferred in-house development framework. Some of the most noteworthy reasons, and you may well share some of these reasons, are listed below:

  • How can I improve individual, team or company performance?
  • Can Insights Discovery help build and develop high performing teams?
  • I want to get to understand our customers better and create greater customer satisfaction, can Insights Discovery help?
  • What can I do to create a common language to transform our culture?
  • How can I develop proactive leadership traits within my managers?
  • We want a fun team building session that actually sees the learning and fun carry on into the long term, will you deliver that for us?

The significant benefits reported from using Insights Discovery?

We find that Insights Discovery Profiling and development workshops create a platform upon which clients are able to:

  • Increase self-awareness – understanding their style, strengths and weaknesses and impact on others
  • Get to know each other better – appreciating styles, strengths and communication needs
  • Understand differences in people – valuing them and finding the most effective communication and influencing strategies for colleagues, customers, bosses and all other stakeholders
  • Build trust, the glue that binds a team together – enabling and encouraging greater cooperation and collaboration
  • Turn existing or potential conflict situations with colleagues – into proactive and engaged interpersonal dynamics
  • Understand and evaluate your team dynamic – how to improve the effectiveness of a team
  • Become better managers and leaders – understanding what makes others tick and how to best engage, listen, develop and collaborate with them.

The Insights Discovery model can be used in a variety of different applications including individual personal development, team development, leadership development, sales, recruitment and selection. There is a quick 25 frame online evaluator that generates each unique individual profile. To get the maximum benefit receiving feedback, either on a 1:1 basis or as part of a group workshop is essential, we always include this as part of any offering we make.

Insights Discovery Profiles
Insights Discovery Profiling is the key to self awareness

Seek First Ltd have been proud distributors & Licensed Practitioners of Insights Discovery for over 12 years now, one of the longest established distributors within the UK.  Paul McGowran has been an area mentor and a winner of a national award for his work within the network of Licensed Practitioners within the UK.  Our team of Licensed Practitioners are all accredited by the Insights Group Ltd.

Your Insights Discovery Profile is your launch pad for all your growth and development needs. To buy your Insights Discovery Profile and a 1 hour personalised 1:1 feedback on your profile click here.

Click here to find out more about the Insights Discovery Profile and what you can achieve by using it.