low self-awareness can lead to the blame gameLow self-awareness is probably the biggest cause of team conflict. We see this a lot and there are many potential causes. Simply moving the person to a different role or different shifts does not solve the problem. The best course of action involves bringing the whole team together rather than focusing on one person.

In our experience, raising the self-awareness level of each member of the team is the single most important step to take here. The consequence of this is that the impact of behavioural preferences becomes clear. This will create choices to adapt behaviour.

More is needed though. If you simply stop at a single shot of awareness raising, you’ll most likely see the impact fade. Learning to adapt behaviour, give feedback and develop assertiveness are all important steps.

Ultimately, looking at the performance of the team tends to bring the level of cohesion and trust that delivers excellent team dynamics.

Raising Self-Awareness levels

During our development programmes we always include individual and group coaching sessions.  These sessions are the perfect opportunity to build deeper rapport, this will trigger behavioural change, more than any other intervention.

If you would like to discuss how to raise self-awareness levels within your team please get in touch,  Simply complete the form on the contact us page and we will be in touch.

Naturally, there is a watch-out!  If you raise awareness levels, you also raise expectations around future performance.  If you are the leader of the team, you will be putting yourself in the spotlight.  Are you ready for change? It could be that this challenging team member chooses to move and find a different job.  It is important that you create the conditions where your team can grow and stay out of the negativity, having a constant review process in place is a good idea.