There is an art and science of effective facilitation…PinPoint Facilitation. We use PinPoint in all our facilitation services and as a result achieve great outcomes.

Creative PinPoint Facilitation

Effective facilitation is essential to make any meeting work, regardless of the size of the group, the context or the topic.  Our creative facilitation processes have successfully delivered results across a wide range of settings.We can create a facilitation process for whatever outcome you are pursuing, some examples of where we have been successful are below:

  • developing greater personal accountability
  • transforming a dysfunction team into a team with proactive dynamics
  • creating an organisational purpose and vision
  • Regular monthly management team meetings
  • Alignment of multiple stakeholders to create a collaborative leadership team

We take the mundane out of meetings! We create a focused and engaged group of people that create actions, generate commitment and accountability for delivering results.

An effective facilitation process recognises that multiple learning styles exist within any group and unleashes processes and techniques that empower all those learning styles to contribute.

Why do use PinPoint Facilitation?

We use PinPoint techniques because they work, simple as that.  Regardless of the setting: small meetings, large interventions, conferences, away days, and all types of training. PinPoint helps with problem solving, continuous improvement and strategic planning.

PinPoint techniques get meeting participants off their seats, moving and  engaging around large boards where the group starts creating their own solution.  We suddenly move into a environment that is triggering all the senses.  The boards create a highly visual output.  The discussions become dynamic and engaging.  The energy level is high, the group feels bouyant.  With this level of engagement challenges are met, consensus achieved…suddenly a complex problem is resolved quickly and effectively.

We record all the output and re-present it back to the group post-event. We want the group continuing learning and achieving after the event.