Collaborative Working

Seek First Ltd exists to develop the behaviours and language that underpin collaborative business relationships.

Why is this important?

When organisations collaborate effectively significant value can be created for their clients.  Increasingly, organisations are being asked to demonstrate how effectively they collaborate with their partner organisations to deliver value for their clients.  With the introduction of BS11000 organisations can now be assessed against the accepted standard for business processes that underpin their approach to collaboration.

Seek First exists to support organisations develop the behaviours and language that will support the processes required by BS11000.  Whilst BS11000 specifies the organizational processes necessary for effective collaborative relationships between organisations the standard does not develop the behaviours and language that will embed the culture of collaboration.

This blog will develop over the coming months to highlight the behaviours and language of collaboration.  We will give insights into the development programmes that we offer that will develop the culture of collaboration within your organisation.

Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can assist you on your journey towards greater collaboration.


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