The 4-dimensions of Embracing Accountability

4-Dimensions of Embracing Accountability


  • What are the pre-requisites for an accountability mindset?
  • Are you able to stay within your circle of influence when all around are seeking to blame?
  • How can you develop the attitude of I am responsible for my results?


  • How effective are you at receiving constructive feedback about your results?
  • Can you challenge your colleagues to improve performance?
  • Do you develop strong relationships within your team to facilitate instant feedback on performance?


  • If accountability is low in your teams your culture will be dysfunctional.
  • Embracing accountability is core to leading in an Agile way.
  • Does your culture empower open and constructive feedback?


  • What internal external processes exist to ensure your organisation is held accountable for the results generated?
  • How are your employees and teams performance managed against these processes?
  • In your Purpose & Vision statement do you have behaviours specified that support your values?

On our embracing accountability training we focus primarily on the mindset that produces the greatest improvement in individual and team accountability. You may know that a lack of accountability is one of the 5 dysfunctions of a team according to Patrick Lencioni. If your organisation is not embracing accountability you are missing out on achieving the results that are possible.

Embracing accountability starts with the individual and is focused on changing the perception of the word ‘accountability’. Too many people hear this word and associate it with failure. We seek to have people embrace accountability for their results as a positive and proactive behaviour. Creating this sense of positivity around accountability challenges the underlying dysfunctional attitudes of the blame game.

When accountability is at the heart of your organisation your results will soar. Leadership is essential in getting your teams embracing accountability. When you as the leader can demonstrate your openness to feedback and challenge on your performance your teams are more to likely to follow.