Corona Virus has created this period of challenge and restrictions on activity. We just wanted to provide an update to re-assure all our existing clients and prospective clients that all our services are still available. Working remotely, we can deliver feedback sessions on profiles, coaching over video sharing platforms and even deliver development workshops.

C-Me Colour Profile High Performance Report

We have always been ahead and made it possible to buy a C-Me Colour Profile directly from our website along with a 1:1 telephone feedback conversation. This is still the case, we can do the feedback on Skype, Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Feedback to date suggests this works as well as face to face.

Coaching with GROW

For many people at the moment there is a lot of uncertainty. I know that seems obvious and yet dealing with uncertainty is something that is a crucial gift we can learn. Coaching is a fantastic way of working through the uncertainty and volatility that we are facing. The benefit of working remotely via platforms such as Skype, Zoom or Microsoft Teams etc is the convenience. We might not be able to travel but we can still work safely.

Creative PinPoint Facilitation

We do prefer working in a room with groups and seeing the group energised and engaged. Working around our PinPoint Boards to solve and overcome their challenges. This is not possible at the moment. However, we can still facilitate groups. Zoom has some fantastic capabilties around creating sub-groups, interactive tools such as whiteboards etc. We have spent some time re-thinking how facilitation works in a remote setting. We have collaborated with our friends in the C-Me community and we have identified how to make workshops engaging and energising.

Whatever your development needs are at the moment we can assist you during this time of working from home. Get in touch using the form below should you have any kind of need.