collaboration is a choice and requires trust
Collaborative business relationships

Collaboration is working with each other to do a task and to achieve shared goals.Collaborative business relationships are where two or more organisations (or teams within one organisation) work together to achieve shared goals.  With the inception of BS11000 and this standard now being incorporated into the tendering process for major infrastructure projects a process has been created to assist joint ventures create an enhanced value for their client.  Whilst BS11000 provides a framework for managing the business relationship in a collaborative fashion it cannot develop the underlying behaviours or embed the culture within the organisations that will deliver the Interdependence mindset that supports the framework.

The challenge of collaboration is staying focused on the greater shared goal.  Conflict over different approaches, different ideas, competitive pressures will surface.  Dealing positively with conflict is the art of collaboration.  Consider if you will a member of a team with a strong belief in their way of doing things.  Their belief is so strong that any challenge to their way of doing things is usually a source of great tension within the team.  This is not a helpful trait when it comes to collaboration.  A useful matrix to consider when looking to build a collaborative team is how the members of your team view themselves and others.

If you have a high regard for yourself and a low level of regard for others, this will not be helpful in a collaborative relationship.

If you have low regard for yourself and a high level of regard for others, this will also not be very helpful in a collaborative relationship.

If ‘people’ including yourself are just not that important to you, this will not be very helpful in a collaborative relationship.

Collaborative relationships work best when an individual values themselves and  others equally highly.

Seek First Ltd specialise in developing the behaviours and language that build self-awareness (your regard for you), behaviours and language that build an understanding of others (how you regard others), behaviours and language that develop your influencing skills and behaviours and language that lead to effective collaborative action.

For a visual summary of the process of successful collaborative business relationships please click on the link below:

The 8 Practices of Effective Collaborative Business Relationships