NLP, Covey's 7 Habits & Insights Discovery are fundamental to collaborative behaviour
Developing the behaviours that underpin collaborative working is the key to success

At Seek First Ltd we focus on the subjective aspect of collaborative business relationships.  There are a number of excellent organisations that can assist with the objective implementation of the formal BS11000 process and framework.

Our belief is that without the subjective culture (behaviours and language) that underpin collaborative behaviour, any process or framework is vulnerable.  How you go about developing  the behaviours and language that provide the solid foundation upon which your collaborative success is built is what we like to focus on.

The art of successful collaboration is taking a positive approach to conflict.  Notice, this is not managing conflict…taking a positive approach to conflict is about harnessing conflict positively and facilitating the energy contained in the differences to spark the creative thinking that can unleash the synergistic outcome. This is how you achieve true collaboration.

Obviously, we all have a different approach to problem solving and to how we perceive conflict. Understanding these differences, crucially understanding your own preferences and being aware of the preferences of the others in your collaborative group gives us the starting point.

We combine a number of highly effective developmental approaches to bring about a new level of competence in the area of behaving in a collaborative manner.  We will be rolling out a series of Collaborative Behaviour development programmes during this year.

To understand more about taking a positive approach to conflict and how this facilitates collaborative relationships please click on the link below.

Turning Conflict into a positive…the art of Collaboration