collaborating is about learning to grow and lead
When you collaborate you are stronger, more effective and achieve greater results than you could ever do alone

From an objective perspective the evidence suggests that as a result of developing effective collaborative business relationships (both internal and external) an organisation would expect to see, for example: reduced functional barriers; more efficient knowledge transfer and sharing; increased innovation and creativity; an enhanced and more responsive experience for customers. These are great benefits and add to the bottom line.  These benefits are largely what you would expect from any organisational change / transformation / process re-engineering project, aren’t they?

When we look from a subjective experience perspective other more intangible and much more powerful benefits start to be experienced.  To get sustainable collaborative relationships working across organisations and between organisations conflict has to be encouraged and proactively channelled so that the energy contained within the creative tension is liberated and synergistic results emerge.  By developing your people to harness conflict in this proactive way, a deeper trust is developed.  It is this foundation of trust that creates the environment in which more collaboration is encouraged.  With this foundation of trust and a proactive approach to conflict individual employees feel more engaged – they see their leaders listening more and acting in the wider organisational interest rather than focusing on narrow self interest.  This in itself encourages more openness which adds to the foundation of trust.  This encourages healthier interpersonal relationships and as a result the organisation becomes healthier. Employees are empowered and welcome accountability as they witness their contributions to the wider business purpose being recognised and appreciated.

Trust, Engagement, Openness…these are the major benefits of effective collaboration for your organisation.  The more objective benefits mentioned at the top of this page will not materialise unless you achieve these subjective benefits.  To best way to achieve all these benefits is to Work from the Proactive Space.