Collaborative Relationships are the key to creating enhanced value within multi-stakeholder environments.

Organisations working together in the delivery of a contract or a programme of services can be the most challenging environment.  When the dynamics of the relationships start deteriorating, the consequences felt by the clients can be damaging.  The key to delivering programmes in a way that exceed client expectations is through developing Collaborative Relationships.

How are Collaborative Relationships different?

Collaborative Relationships require a commitment to manage conflict in a way that guarantees a synergistic outcome for all parties.  The level of maturity required to create effective collaborative relationships is a step-change compared to most other types of business relationships .  Seek First Ltd have developed a range of development programmes aimed at creating the capacity within leaders and managers to operate from a Proactive Space where Interdependence is the norm.

With experience from major infrastructure projects over the previous 5 years we have learned the core elements of successful collaboration.  Our learning has been gleaned the hard way, seeing the impact of no collaboration, or ineffective attempts to collaborate!  Merely stating in Vision and Purpose statements that you are collaborative in your relationships does not make your relationships collaborative.

Collaborative relationships are now being demanded to facilitate the delivery of integrated services within the Health and Social Care arena .  The NHS Long Term Plan – 10 Year Plan specifically calls for “more collaboration between GPs, their teams and community services, as ‘primary care networks’, to increase the services they can provide jointly, and increase the focus on NHS organisations working with their local partners, as ‘Integrated Care Systems’, to plan and deliver services which meet the needs of their communities.”

Seek First Ltd is actively involved in developing collaborative relationships within an outsourced community services organisation that works with multiple stakeholders including CCGs, GPs, Primary Care Networks & Local Authorities delivering Health and Social Care.