Collaborative Behaviour

Collaborative Behaviour + collaborative processes = Collaborative working
Collaborative Working results in greater value creation

With the introduction of BS11000 – Collaborative Business Relationships there is a new imperative for organisations to work together in a different way in order to achieve joint outcomes.

Working in collaboration with People Positive Ltd we design collaborative behavioural assessment centres for organisations, including joint ventures, bidding for large scale infrastructure projects.  When our clients are successful and are awarded a contract we work in collaboration with them to ensure that those business relationships developed during the bid process are developed over the life of the contract and that collaborative behaviour is at the core of the successful delivery of these contracts.

Collaborative Business Relationships require a commitment to manage conflict in a way that guarantees a synergistic outcome for all parties.  It is not just organisations striving to work to the rigour of BS11000 that can benefit by developing collaborative business relationships, all organisations that work with other organisations also benefit, as do teams within an organisation. At Seek First Ltd we believe the most effective way of working in a collaborative business relationship is from the Proactive Space.