So if the essential pre-requisite for collaboration is the mindset of INTERDEPENDENCE, how then do you achieve that mindset?

As discussed in my previous blog being Interdependent is a choice that independent people can make.  The important aspect is the ‘choice’ itself.

By choosing INTERDEPENDENCE and seeking to be COLLABORATIVE in your behaviour a number of fundamental attitudes and thinking patterns automatically begin to be important.  It is whether you are able to stay true to these attitudes and thinking patterns that will determine if your behaviour is collaborative and whether you sustain an interdependent relationship.

So what are the attitudes and thinking patterns?

It all starts with a choice.  To make a positive choice is to be PROACTIVE.  Stephen R. Covey in his best-selling book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, states that the first Habit (the one from which all else follows) is BE PROACTIVE.  This is more than just choosing to do something or have something or be something.  It is about accepting responsibility for everything that stems from your choice.  You are the creator of everything that flows from the choices you make about yourself in the world.  So take a proactive approach to life and be response-able.

Another way that this may be interpreted is to be at CAUSE in your life.  Accept that you are the cause of your life.  If you choose not to be the CAUSE in your life then you find yourself at EFFECT and someone else is responsible for whatever is happening to you.  Being at EFFECT is not a good place to be, it’s where reasons and excuses (reasons being sophisticated excuses) are given as to why you could not be successful. It’s about blame.  That is not going to work in a collaborative environment.

So Be Proactive, be the Cause of your own Success.

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