Executive Coaching Performance Coaching Life CoachingOur coaching services are designed to unleash high performance and agility within your leaders and managers.  Encompassing a range of methodologies and approaches our coaching process leads clients to experience a paradigm shift in their awareness of their situation.

Our coaching services use a process that has been developed following many years of working with individuals in many and varied contexts.  Our clients appreciate the fact that we get straight to the core issue and make rapid progress.  The Proactive Space model is the culmination of nearly twenty years experience in working with people dealing with just about every issue imaginable.  Our feedback is that once presented with this framework clients quickly identify where they can make the effective change in their attitude towards their performance.

Our coaching services include:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Performance Coaching
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Collaborative relationship coaching

With extensive experience working 1:1 we have developed our coaching services to deliver results quickly. We build quick rapport, listen to understand and move to create new actions.

We have coached a number of our clients to achieve their first C-Level appointment and continued our relationship to see them establish themselves within that role. This has led to working with newly created leadership teams to create a purpose-led organisation creating new levels of engagement throughout the workforce. This is an example of where our coaching services lead to our development programmes making an impact.

Other times we are commissioned to resolve relationship dynamics that have become toxic and dysfunctional. This often results following a grievance or other form of complaint that one person lodges against another. This type of scenario draws heavily upon our Proactive Space model. By working individually with each person we move towards a point each can be in the same room. At this point, resolution is assured and an each party commits to working in a proactive way.

For further information on our coaching services please get in touch via email: listen@seekfirst.co.uk or by phone 07740506667