C-Me Behavioural Development Programmes

C-Me Profiling acts as a springboard to a range of development programmes aimed at increasing the performance and the productivity of your people and organisation. Connecting with the core behavioural and communication traits of your employees the C-Me Profiling can unlock the obstacles blocking effective relationship building.  When collaborative relationships begin to develop the cultural challenges your organisation faces will start to diminish.

To begin the process of building collaborative relationships and breaking down the barriers to effective communication we recommend a Foundation C-Me profiling workshop.  Some of the issues we get presented with by our clients include:

  • You are searching for an inspiring personal development experience?
  • A desire to improve the interpersonal dynamics of their people?
  • There is a pressing need to help individuals understand their personal impact?
  • You want to help individuals to better understand themselves and others?

If any of the above resonate with you then the C-Me Profiling Foundation programme is the best solution for you.

Following on from the C-Me Profiling Foundation Programme our clients then seek to apply the principals, ideas and techniques to other more specific areas of personal and organisational development.

Typically, clients seek to use their C-Me Colour Profile to help them and their teams develop in the following areas:

  • Resilience
  • High Performing Teams
  • Conflict & Candour
  • Powerful Communication
  • Management Training
  • Leadership Development

The feedback we get about C-Me Profiling workshops suggests the following:

  • Memorable, fun and fascinating introduction to the C-Me learning systems
  • Each participant receives their C-Me Personal Profile
  • Interactive and participative approach accommodates all learning styles
  • Enables participants to improve their interpersonal relationships immediately
  • Creates a positive common language enabling people to discuss personality and preference and the differences between people in a positive way
  • Participants learn about their strengths and areas for development and how to be more effective