C-me Colour Profiling

C-me Colour Profiling put simply, transform teams and create high performance organisations.

We use the C-me Colour Profiles in a variety of settings:

  • Team Building & Development
  • Developing High Performance
  • Coaching & 360 Feedback
  • Conflict Resolution

  • C-me Profiles
  • Personalised 'C'
  • Team Wheel
  • C-me Profiling in team development
  • C-Me Profiles Core v Flex Wheel

C-me Colour Profiles give you specific actions you can take, rather than other similar profiles that simply paint a picture of you.  If you’re looking for growth and development then you will want to know how you can start changing.

So what’s different with C-me Profiling?

Other Profiles (MBTI, Insights Discovery etc)
  • Use numbers and letters to define ‘your’ type’

  • Create boxes and boundaries around a type

  • The profile content has not changed for decades

  • Profile text is generic and not specific

  • Creates the impression that different types are better than others

C-me Colour Profiles
  • Use a blended colour wheel
  • No boundaries all colours merge into each other
  • The content is refreshed and updated
  • The profiles focuses on how to change your behaviour
  • All colours can create success by adapting behaviours

Humans are naturally curious about how do what we do.  For centuries we have looked for the traits that define different personalities.  Since the time of Carl Gustav Jung the definition of Personality Types has become common place in business.

C-me Colour Profiles are different from the other ‘personality’ based profiles such as MBTI, Insights Discovery or Disc.  C-me Colour Profiles focus on behaviours rather than personality traits.  With the aim of encouraging a shift in behaviour to achieve goals, C-me Profiles stand out.

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