C-Me Colour Profile

Why use The C-Me Colour Profile?

C-Me Colour Profiling is an incredibly user friendly, accurate, positive and accessible behavioural profiling system. You can complete the C-Me Profile Online Test via our online shop and purchase a coaching feedback session also.

Using this model within your organisation provides a common language that makes an immediate impact.  This common language of colour creates limitless opportunities to improve your culture and performance.

Some of the world’s most successful organisations choose to use C-Me Profiling as their preferred in-house development model. Some of the most noteworthy reasons, and you may well share some of these reasons, are listed below:

  • How can I improve individual, team or company performance?
  • Can C-Me Colour Profiling help build and develop high performing teams?
  • I want to get to understand our customers better and create greater customer satisfaction, can C-Me Colour Profiling help?
  • What can I do to create a common language to transform our culture?
  • How can I develop proactive leadership traits within my managers?
  • We want a fun team building session that actually sees the learning and fun carry on into the long term.

The significant benefits reported from using C-Me Profiling?

We find that C-Me Colour Profiling and development workshops create a platform upon which clients are able to:

  • Increase self-awareness – understanding their style, strengths and weaknesses and impact on others
  • Get to know each other better – appreciating styles, strengths and communication needs
  • Understand differences – valuing them and finding the most effective communication and influencing strategies for colleagues, customers and all other stakeholders
  • Build trust, the glue that binds a team together – enabling and encouraging greater cooperation and collaboration
  • Turn existing or potential conflict situations with colleagues – into proactive and engaged interpersonal dynamics
  • Understand and evaluate your team dynamic – how to improve the effectiveness of a team
  • Become better managers and leaders – understanding what makes others tick and how to best engage, listen, develop and collaborate.

Find out more about C-Me Profiling by watching the video below

Using C-Me Profiling in your Organisation

By choosing to place C-Me Profiling in the heart of your Organisational Development you create a common language that spreads like wild fire throughout every team and unit in a very short time.

The C-Me Colour Profiling model is the most versatile model and the key to success is placing the Colour Energies alongside your Organisational Values and adding the language of the Colour Energies into your Purpose Statement.

C-Me Colour Profiling will become the start point for all development conversations and everyone within your organisation will become comfortable with the idea that people with different Colour Energy preferences do some tasks more effectively than others.  There is a sense of valuing that fact that people with different preferences can actually enhance our performance and we can learn from them.  By creating this spirit of valuing differences within your organisation you are sowing the seeds for growing a culture that will lead to your organisation thriving into the long term.

The C-Me Colour Profiling model can be used in a variety of different applications including individual personal development, team development, leadership development, sales, recruitment and selection.

You can use C-Me Colour Profiling to Transform your Organisation, to Transform your Teams or Transform your People.  The start point would be to complete your C-Me Personal Profile and follow this up by participating in an C-Me Colour Profiling Foundation and enhanced workshops.  Your development journey can continue by exploring how your C-Me Profile can assist you in areas such as Resilience, High Performing Teams, Conflict & Candour, Powerful Communication.  Using C-Me Profiles as foundation for Leadership Development or Management Development is an extremely powerful approach to take.  Your Recruitment processes can be more effective by using the C-Me Profile to help streamline your shortlist of candidates.

Seek First Ltd & C-Me Colour ProfilesC-Me Colour Profiling

Seek First Ltd are proud to be Activators of C-Me Colour Profiling.

You may have had experience of C-Me Colour Profiling or other profiling systems within your current or previous organisation and may be curious to understand how you can become more involved.  Here at Seek First Ltd we are always on the look out for excellent people to join our ranks and help us grow.  You could become accredited to deliver C-Me Colour Profiling within your current organisation by becoming a Client Practitioner.  Alternatively, if you are an independent consultant already why not become accredited as a C-Me Activator and get involved selling and delivering C-Me Colour Profiling to your existing and new clients.  If you feel you would like to become more involved, either as a Client Practitioner or as an Activator download the Accreditation Factsheet and get in touch with us.

Your C-Me Colour Profile is your launch pad for all your growth and development needs.

We currently offer two C-Me Profiles via our online shop, The C-Me High Performance Report and the C-Me Sales Report.

Click on either of the above reports to buy your profile and a 1 hour coaching session. (N.B. We only offer the profile with the associated coaching session via our online shop).

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