The 4-dimensions of an Agile Leader

4-Dimensions of an Agile Leaders


  • What is the Mindset of a successful Agile Leader?

  • How do they think?
What is important to them?

  • How do they respond to the stimulus they receive?
How do they perceive the continuously changing environment?


  • What behaviours would you observe from an Agile Leader?

  • How do they ensure multi-function teams achieve their delivery goals?
Where do they place their focus?

  • How do they manage the conflicts of rapid change whilst maintaining stability?


  • What is the Culture of an Agile organisation?
How does an Agile organisation cultivate innovation whilst maintaining resilient control?

  • How can an organisation change direction and maintain a constant purpose? 


  • What structures and processes are in place to ensure an organisation develops in an Agile way?

  • What standards govern Agile working?

  • How do you ensure you are adhering to Agile standards?

In order to be an agile leader in a VUCA world your mindset is a proactive mindset, one that is in the present. In the present you are sensing what is happening around you, noticing all the different stimuli and choosing when to respond. As an an agile leader you are fixed on your end-goal. You adapt in the moment to capitalise on the opportunities that will get you there quicker. An Agile Leader understands the customer’s priority and develops a strong focus on that priority. All actions are aligned with the delivery of that customer objective.

At the heart of an agile organisation is a balancing act.

An agile organisation balances the governance and regulatory requirements with the demands of adapting to a VUCA environment. This organisation values being successful doing what they do and at the same time could swiftly move to doing something completely different in order to achieve their purpose. They are swift and aligned at all times. An agile organisation is structured in such a way as to be the most responsive to the changing VUCA world. Agile processes of Scrum and Sprints are the bedrock of change. The organisational model is evolving in line with changing customer priorities.