Change Management Seek First Ltd

Change Management

Change is easy…so they say! Why is it so many teams find it difficult? Could it be there is too much focus on changing the current reality?
We start by designing your outcome… the future you want. It is easier to start building the outcome than fixing what is not working. Ask yourself, if you could have your outcome now, what would you see, hear and feel? How would it work? Then identify what works well in your current situation…you can keep this. When you identify what doesn’t work in your current situation, let it go, this has no place in your outcome.
Our approach to change management delivers a whole system result, you will achieve your outcome, easier than if you just went ahead and attempted to change how things get done.

Purpose & Culture

Begin with the Why? Your Purpose!
Crafting a strong purpose for what you want is the single most important factor for creating engagement with your change. The change will happen when your teams implement it. If they can connect with your strong purpose they will implement the change with enthusiasm.
Your culture, the collective mindset of values and behaviours, governs how things are done. Purpose drives culture. If you align purpose and culture your process (what you do) will shift with ease.
Unsuccessful change tends to focus on the what or the how.
We create successful change by focusing on the Why.