Using NLP training to Achieve High Performance through building Empowerment and Accountability across Cumbria and the UK
Its all about High Performance through NLP!

Based in the Lake District, Cumbria we operate throughout the United Kingdom.  Our clients are in the Private Sector, the Public Sector and the Third Sector. We provide ANLP Accredited NLP Training to Diploma, Practitioner and Master Practitioner levels.  Through our sister company, collaborativeworks Ltd we provide leading edge development programmes aimed at developing collaborative behaviour.  For more information on the services offered by collaborativeworks Ltd please visit their website by clicking here. We are a leading distributor of the Insights Discovery Personal Profile and have a great track record in the field of executive coaching where we help our clients achieve senior executive positions.

The key to developing high performing individuals, teams and organisations is to use NLP to develop the key behaviours and attitudes that under pin the culture and processes that sustain high performance.

We underpin all our work using a bespoke combination of NLP Training, Insights Discovery, Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Transactional Analysis and Coaching.  It is this blend of approaches that we have carefully crafted into our ‘Working from the Proactive Space’ model that sets us apart.  As part of this approach we also consider what is going on when there is a dysfunctional team or individual.  Our approach is to identify this dysfunctional behaviour for what it is start to build behaviours, attitudes, culture and processes that ensure dysfunctional behaviour has no place in your organisation.

We deliver our services across the UK.  Whilst we are based in Windermere in the heart of the Lake District in Cumbria our clients are nationwide.

For more information on products and services please contact us. We will make a difference!