Welcome to Seek First Ltd where we use Creative Facilitation processes, C-Me Colour Profiling and Proactive Coaching techniques to move you and your teams towards the delivery of your compelling purpose.

In a world facing vulnerability, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) being able to navigate towards a compelling purpose and vision is perhaps the greatest challenge.  Seek First Ltd operate in a collaborative and proactive dynamic with our clients to facilitate movement towards their purpose.

Our purpose is to enable proactive choices to facilitate continually improving performance.

We like to start all our client conversations with a simple question…What is your outcome?

If you know what you want simply click one of the images below to start the journey to getting what you want. Alternatively, send us a message and we will contact you to find out how we can assist you to achieve your outcome.

C-Me Colour Profile

The cornerstone of any effective programme of improvement is to know your present state before setting off towards your destination.  Behavioural profiling is a key stage for all forms of development as it gives us more awareness of our current preferences, likely strengths and key areas of potential development.  C-Me Colour Profiling is an excellent aid in developing more awareness and opening up the constructive conversations that facilitate proactive engagement.

Creative PinPoint Facilitation

Creating a high level of engagement and participation is crucial for all forms of development.  We use creative facilitation processes, based around PinPoint Techniques.  We use these techniques in all our development programmes.  We ensure outcomes are delivered and we focus on developing proactive choices within all involved to move towards a compelling purpose and vision.

Coaching with GROW

Working with individuals or teams to overcome obstacles to proactive working we typically resolve dysfunctional dynamics and relationships through coaching in the first instance.  Dysfunctional dynamics and relationships are the cause of most performance issues within organisations.  We are skilled and experienced at resolving these dynamics and are often called upon to assist organisations who find themselves stuck with low performance.